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Pets and Artificial Grass

We're often asked whether our artificial grass lawns are pet-friendly. The easy answer is yes! With 8.5 million dogs and 7.5 million cats in the UK, artificial or fake grass is a great way to keep your laws looking good throughout the year, even if you have pets.

You'll enjoy the look, durability and low maintenance needs of artificial grass. This is especially true if your lawn needs to cope with the extra pressure of pets!

How will my dog react to artificial grass?

Dogs treat plastic grass exactly the same as the real thing. Your dog will find your artificial lawn to be soft and easy to play on — and he/she will be relaxed about 'doing their business' on it. They notice no difference al all. Plus - you'll be pleased with how easily your artificial grass can be cleaned. (Urine simply drains through the plastic grass and faeces can easily be removed as normal!)

Why is artificial grass so good for dog owners?

If you own a dog, you'll notice lots of pleasant changes: no more wee patches, muddy areas, stones or freshly dug holes. Plus - no more worries about keeping your dog away from freshly laid weed-killer or newly mowed grass. Its cleaner too — pets dont pick up mud or grass cuttings from plastic lawns. Fake grass really is the perfect solution for dog owners.

As well as domestic dog owners, the team at Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge has installed fake, pet-friendly lawns to police dog handlers and dog boarding kennels. Plastic Grass is a proven option for dog owners — we think it's the obvious choice!

How do I find out more about pet-friendly lawns?

Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge has a large range of fake grasses available. We're sure to have an option that suits your requirements. We supply and install artificial grass within a 30-mile radius of Cambridge. Contact us for  a no-obligation quote.
Artificial Lawn Supply and Install - Premium Artificial Grass
"We are delighted with our new lawn. The Justin and his team did an outstanding job, they were very hardworking and took great pride in their work. Although they might not have been the cheapest company that we had a quote from, we felt that the quality of the product, the installation process, the workmanship and the guarantee, justified the price.
Our reason for changing our lawn to an artificial one was more to do with our 15 month old beagle Lily, who constantly dug holes in the old lawn and scorching the grass as she went about doing her daily business on it! Nearly one month on she has shown no interest in digging whatsoever and just enjoys basking in the sun on what she thinks is her new giant green rug. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone"
Rhonda Booth Facebook Review in Cambridge