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Cambridge Artificial Grass
A project where we gave this garden a complete make over by installing sleepers, limestone paving and artificial lawn. For a FREE no obligation quote please contact us.

Cambridge Artificial Grass Installation Video
Artificial Grass Installation video in Cambridge by Team PAG. For a free no obligation quote please click here and fillin the contact us form.

Artificial Grass laid over a Patio in Cambridge
Artificial Grass Installation over a patio in Cambridge. You can see how it looked before and after the premium artificial grass was installed by Team PAG. For more information and to arrange a FREE quote please click here and fill in the contact form.

Artificial Lawn Installation
Artificial Grass Installation by Team PAG video. Click here to arrange a FREE no obligation quote.
Royston Artificial Grass Installers
A video of a project we under took in Royston where we supplied Premium Artificial Grass and professionally installed it. The garden will be low maintneace for many hyear sto come. For a FREE no obliation quote please click here and fill out the  form.
A video A 
Artificial Grass Installers
A before and after photo of a garden in Cambridgeshire where team PAG supplied and installed Premium Artificial Grass.The client wanted a low maintenance lawn which would look amazing 365 days a year which is exactly what they now have. For more information on Artificial Grass in Cambridgeshire please click here and send us a message where we can then arrange a FREE no obligation quote.

Cambridgeshire Artificial Grass Installers
A before and after photo of a garden where Premium Artificial Grass professionally installed artificial grass. For a very low maintenance, green, lush lawn please click here to arrange a FREE no obligation quote.

Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Cambridge
A before and after of an Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green we installed to a clients back garden. Our client can now practice 365 days a year in their back garden in all weathers. For more inofmation on the installtion of golf putting green in the Cambridge area please click here to ararnge a FREE no Obligation quote.

Cambridge Artificial Grass Installation photo
Click on the continue button to see what a difference artificial grass makes to a gardens lawn - beautiful, lush, green lawn 365 days a year with minimal maintenance!

Cambridge Artificial Grass Installers
A before and after photo of a recent project where we supplied and installed premium artificial grass. The finished garden looks amazing and will now be low maintenance and look beautiful 365 days a year. Click here to contact us for a FREE no obligation quote or please call 01438 215787

Trustmark and APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) call out to Premium Artificial Grass!
We recently were invited to Oxfordshire to the home of The APL to help set a recommended guideline for artificial grass installation. Our methods are built up on over 40 years of combined experience, working all over the UK, America and Europe fitting grass and training landscapers.  Unfortunately, there is no current legislation on installing artificial grass...we have repaired and replaced so much grass you would not believe. Please, before you part with your hard earned money, get a step by step guide from your installer and if in doubt you can always check with us or another reputable company on the methods being could save a lot of stress, cash and heartache!!

Artificial Grass St Neots Installation photo
This photo shows how fantatic artiifcil looks when its installed professioanlly! For more information plesae click here to contact us and arrange a FREE no obligation quote!

Artificial Grass St Neots Installation
We have a short time-lapse video of a recent project we undertook in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.
We are very passionate about the installation of artificial lawns and have many years of experience in the industry and will only supply what we believe to be the best quality artificial grass on the market. Please look at the installation and transformation of the artificial grass in the video below.
To arrange a FREE no obligation quote for artificial grass in St Neots, Cambridge please use the contact us form.
Artificial Grass Cambridgeshire
Artificial Grass Cambridgeshire  
Are you searching out an expert installer of Artificial Grass in Cambridgeshire? You have clearly come to the right website if you are................

There are loads of people who need their gardens to be a beautiful, relaxing outside location to enjoy and experience with your family and pals, however unfortunately, most garden usually need a lot of work and time to achieve this time, which people just dont have.  If your fed up of weeding and mowing the lawn and can't find a way to stop your grass looking muddy & patchy, then it is probably time to trade to an artificial lawn.

The value of having a garden is often not realised due to the fact outgoings can vary. You may need to purchase a lawn mower, you have to go shopping for fertiliser and weedkiller and all of the water used, on top of your time and effort required over the years, and before you are aware of it, your garden is costing you a fortune and you do not even have the luxurious lush green lawn you want.

Greater than that, the hours spent working on an unresponsive lawn and the neighbours cats urinating in the same area for all those years has taken its toll. These are hours that can't be returned, however you will find a solution to this by way of making an investment in a fake lawn.

We have a range of different artificial grass's which will suit most peoples budgets and preferences. Dependant on the size of your garden, your new artificial lawn ought to emerge as saving you cash over the next year, years, five years, and beyond. On top of that, you'll have greater time to revel in it, too, as our artificial lawns have minimal maintenance . Your time is the real saving in having artificial grass cambridge specialists do the hard work for you!

The photo attached below captures our completed project after we have professionally install our premium artificial grass. The completed garden project as you'll see looks green, lush and realistic. Our customer can now revel in their beautiful garden 365 days a year now with very little effort.

Our artificial grass and set up expenses are all depending on your garden size and your requirements. If you would love to get an accurate FREE estimate of the full cost of artificial grass, please call us on 01438 215787 or fill out the contact form on by clicking here

Artificial Grass Cambridge

Cambridge is switching to Premium artificial grass

If you’re looking for the perfect lawn, without the hassle, our artificial grass is the solution. No mowing, no mud, no work at all, simply relax and enjoy your realistic looking and feeling lawn. Here at Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge we have a range of fake grass products available to suit every garden. Each one offers a fake grass lawn almost indistinguishable from the real thing, giving you all the benefit of a manicured garden, without the hard work.

Plastic grass is easy to maintain

Whatever the weather, however much you, your family and your pets use it, your plastic grass lawn will remain looking pristine for up to 25 years. You may not think it, but when it comes to plastic grass Cambridge is leading the way through our range of products. And key to their success, is their durability and long life, achieved with just a little light maintenance. In fact, you’ll be thrilled by the constant ‘new’ look that requires no cutting, treating, fertilizer or landscaping, it’s simply stunning from day one.

Fake grass has never felt so real

Banish any preconceptions you may have about fake grass and discover the stunning selection of fake grass Cambridge has to offer through our website. PAG Majestic is our top of the range quality grass, coming in at 40mm tall and guaranteed to make any garden look amazing. The pile is dense and has fibres in to make it look ultra-realistic. PAG Midnight is a fake grass Cambridge is loving on its lawns, the 32mm pile height grass is realistic, soft and delivers a darker green hue.

Your synthetic grass specialists

PAG Dynamic is a quality synthetic grass Cambridge is going crazy for, perfect for all seasons, soft, and hardwearing. Finally, PAG Ultra Senior is a dense but soft grass, superb and realistic looking with a 30mm pile height, ideal for not just lawns, but pathways and play areas and even balconies. With some of the most technologically advance synthetic grass Cambridge can offer, you know a PAG lawn is all cutting edge and no cutting edges. Whether you’re looking to reduce garden maintenance, create a space for your kids, or just want a beautiful lawn all year round, the team at Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge are here to make your dream a reality. Call us now on
T. 01438 215787 | M. 07756 403073 or enquire online to get a lawn that will make your neighbours green with envy.

If you are looking for a Professional Artificial Grass in Cambridge then Premium Artificial Grass are the company for you. Here at Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge we pride ourselves on the quality artificial lawn we supply and the professional installation services we offer. As a company we offer what we believe to be the best artificial lawn on the market today.

We have many years of experience in the artificial turf industry with a huge range of clients and are very passionate about the artificial lawn we supply and install.

Artificial lawn is the perfect way for you to enjoy the long summer evenings with very little maintenance and fuss. Artificial Grass has come along way over recent years and looks realistic, green and lush 365 days a year. If you are fed up of having a brown patchy lawn which takes up lots of time with mowing, seeding and watering then artificial grass is perfect for you. Artificial lawn is also great for both pets and children to enjoy whilst you sit back and enjoy your garden.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all artificial grass we install and for your peace of mind are proud members of Which Trusted Traders, Trust-mark, Trustatrader and the APL but to name a few. 

If your looking for Artificial Grass in Cambridge then please ge in touch or If you would like more information on the installation process, the range of artificial grass we provide then contact us for a FREE no obligation quote on 01438 215787 or fill out the contact us form on our website.  
We will be able to give you an approximate cost based on your requirements and can then arrange a site survey.

Golf Putting Green Installation Video
Garden Golf Putting Green Installation Video
This video captures how we transformed the garden by installing a 3 hole putting green with an artificial grass boarder. The clients were delighted as they can now practice they're putting skills 365 days a year in the comfort of their back garden. Fill out our contact us form for more information and to arrange a FREE no obligation quote.
Artificial Grass Cambridge Installation Video
A time-lapse video of a garden in Cambridge where we professionally installed and supplied Premium Artificial Grass. For more information please complete the contact us form
Artificial Grass Installation Cambridgeshire Video
Artificial Grass Installation Cambridgeshire
This video captures the professional installation of Artificial Grass in Cambridgeshire. To find out more about Artificial Grass in Cambridgeshire please complete our contact us form.
Artificial Lawn Cambridge

The perfect lawn is an artificial lawn Cambridge

If you’re looking for an artificial lawn Cambridge has some of the finest in the country, made possible by our dedicated team. At Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge, we provide homeowners and businesses with stunning fake grass solutions that look and feel like the real thing. No mowing, no expensive fertilisers and no watering needed, simply install and enjoy, hassle-free.

Your artificial lawn, your way

Your lawn is a very personal thing, it’s a sanctuary, a play area, a place to relax and a place to party, so it’s only right that your artificial lawn fits your needs. So, whatever new size and shape artificial lawn Cambridge will have when we’re done, you know it’ll be just want you wanted. And it’s not just the layout that you can tailor, it’s the actual artificial grass too. Choose from four different styles and create the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Ready to create your perfect lawn? Call us now on T. 01438 215787 | M. 07756 403073 or enquire online and we’ll call you back.

Your synthetic lawn specialists in Cambridge

Our flagship fake grass is PAG Majestic, with a pile height of 40mm it really is a premium synthetic lawn solution that’s hard to believe isn’t real. This smart artificial grass is thick to the touch and comes with brown fibres woven in to add to the realism. PAG Midnight is a synthetic lawn Cambridge is going crazy for, with a 32mm pile height and darker green hue. We also offer PAG Dynamic and PAG Ultra Senior, a soft, dense fake grass perfect for year-round use.

The fake grass that’s genuinely clever

When you want a synthetic lawn Cambridge is the place to be, because at Premium Artificial Grass, we’re committed to creating the finest fake grass lawns available. It’s why our artificial lawns come with a weather protective coating and are fully drainable for sustainability. And it’s also why we’ve reduced the maintenance required to a simple occasional sweep, which is enough to ensure your artificial lawn will last between 10 and 25 years, depending on how you use it.

Join the revolution and discover the all-round benefit of a synthetic lawn in your garden. Whatever your dream, the team at Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge are here to make it a reality. Call us now on T. 01438 215787 | M. 07756 403073 or enquire online to get a lawn that you’ll want to share with everyone.

Artificial Grass Cambridge and Landscaping

A video to show how this garden in Cambridge is transformed by our team Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge.
Attached is a before and after photo of a garden of the same garden in Cambridge where we professionally installed and supplied artificial grass, a patio and built wooden features. The garden lawn is know lush, green and will look fantastic 365 days a year with very little maintenance. We also laid the beautiful patio which really complements the artificial lawn. For more information please fill in the contact us form.