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Q: Does the Sunshine Harm Artificial Grass?

A:. In short, no! All our artificial lawns come with a protective coating which prevents harm from the sunlight heat. This covering also means the plastic grass is protected by wind, ice and snow. Best of all, our grasses are covered by long comprehensive warranties 

Q: How long will the grass last for?

A:  You can expect your fake lawn to last for 10-25 years. This varies according to how you use and maintain your artificial grass. (Be reassured — there is very little work involved to the customer!). A cheaper lower detex fibre grass will not last as long as a heavier fibre.

Q: What type of Maintenance should I Expect?

A: An occasional sweeping is recommended. This will stand the fibres up and even out the infill material if this has been added. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower. As long as the leaf blower nozzle is not placed too close to the turf, the sand will stay in place while the debris is blown away.

Q: How do Plastic Lawns Drain?

A: There are two aspects involved with artificial lawn drainage. Firstly, small holes in the turf backing enable water to drain into the base. Underneath we use fine granite dust and our sub-base is stone, all of which is extremely permeable. In fact, artificial grass drains in a very similar way to natural grass. Additional drainage is available — if you think this may be needed for your garden, please ask us for details.

Q: Can Dogs and Cats harm artificial grass?

A: Artificial Lawns are very resilient and pet-friendly. (Some boarding kennels use artificial lawn for their dogs runs.) Pet owners enjoy extra benefits from fake grass — no more brown muddy patches, mud or stones. Dogs and cats use fake grass exactly the same as natural grass. The drainage system helps urine to pass into the base and drain away. Faeces can be cleared away as normal An artificial grass sanitiser is available — it kills 99% of all bacteria and is pet-friendly too.

Q: Where can Artificial Grass be Installed?

A: The answer is easy — almost anywhere! Fake grass can be used where natural grass would usually grow — or have difficulty growing. It can also add a new dimension to decking, patios and slabs.....The possibility is almost endless! Our friendly experts have years of installation experience so tell us about the area you are considering and we can help with ideas, advice and a free no-obligation quote

Q: Can I install Artificial Grass Myself?

A: We recommend working with a certified installer for an expert, time-efficient job and peace of mind, If you would prefer to install artificial grass yourself, we offer a comprehensive installation guide

Q: What Maintenance is Involved?

A: Artificial Grass needs very little maintenance. It takes minimal effort to keep your fake lawn looking great. Simply remove debris such as leaves from the grass as needed. Its also a good idea to brush up the nap monthly, maintaining the softness of the plastic grass.

Q: Will I find Weeds in my Artificial Grass?

A: With artificial lawns, weeding is virtually non-exist ant! The quality and thickness of our backing material and geotextile membrane stops weeds from growing through. Occasionally airborne seeds may result in weeds growing by the drainage holes or grass edges. This is a very rare occurrence and the weeds are easily removed.


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